Website Design & Development: Carroll Production

Clay Carroll teamed up with us back in 2009 to design and develop Carroll Production’sinitial Flash web showcase, and Clay’s business has grown substantially since then. With the progression of technology and the growth of his business, Clay came to us in early 2012 to re-conceptualize and simplify his web experience. Also – we wanted to move away from the dark, masculine web concept, and transition to a design more focused on white space, since Clay’s main target audience consists of brides.


To meet our objectives, we decided to go the route of a one-page site, using CSS to create seamless navigation. Too often, companies can over-complicate web structures, but we met with Clay and decided that less is more. We wanted to cut down on pointless clutter, and provide the bare essentials, which basically included testimonials, an outline of services, a way to reach them, and their actual videos.



We were more than pleased with the outcome, and now Clay has complete control over his website through the integrated WordPress Content Management System (CMS). And because we have moved away from Flash – Clay’s clients can experience Carroll Production on their iPhones and iPads now. A great thanks to Rick Singleton, Michael Ray and the entire Plexamedia team for making this project a success.


Take a look at some of the materials below, or visit to see the site.



09 2012

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