Web Design & Development & Branding: Mia Storia

We were so excited in January of 2012 when Winslow Armstead and Auston Bennett approached us about developing a web portfolio for the new business, Mia Storia. These guys have a heart for the Lord, for ministry, and for blessing future generations with family stories, testimonies and wisdom – all through high definition, documentary-style video production. Winslow and Auston’s process provides clients with a disc of extensive chapters of content that tell each family’s unique story, and they deliver this product in a top-notch manner.


The value behind family members sharing their stories and testimonies with children, grandchildren and great grandchildren is priceless…especially when the final product is so polished. Whether a family member’s time is short, a military member’s journey puts them in danger, or a family simply wants to capture pieces of a person’s life to cherish with future generations – Mia Storia puts all of the pieces in place to preserve history.



Check out our work for Mia Storia at www.miastoria.com.


As far as design for this project, we collaborated with Mia Storia and decided to utilize full-screen background images that would be randomly generated each time a visitor came to their site. We chose to make those the centerpiece of the site and let the content simply overlay those photographs. Through some AJAX scripting, we were able to keep loading times of large background images quick and painless, while utilizing CSS for several elements, including the navigation. A shout out to Rick Singleton and the Plexamedia team for their incredible development work for this project. Simple, smooth, functional and beautiful. That’s exactly what Winslow and Auston wanted. And now they have a WordPress Content Management System (CMS) to update content at their convenience.



We are so excited about what is to come with this ministry, and we hope to see many souls in Heaven because of the impact that Mia Storia’s products have on generations of families.


11 2012

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