Website Design & Branding: UAB Gang Green

Sam Miller, Director of Marketing for UAB Athletics at the time, approached Ingram Image in 2010 in hopes of creating an “irreverent, edgy, modern and attractive” design for the nation’s most enthusiastic student spirit organization – Gang Green. We were thrilled at the opportunity to create a Flash experience that provided a one-stop media hub for students looking to find out about Gang Green and the latest in UAB Blazer Athletics. After several meetings pinpointing what they were envisioning, we created a design that would appeal to teenagers while still remaining aesthetically professional. But what was great about this design is that it gave them complete control over every aspect of the website, which allows them to update whenever they desire. This aspect of the web development world is becoming more and more important by the day, so we wanted to give them that flexibility.


The final product turned out to be exactly what they wanted – highly interactive, socially connected and visually striking. Take a look at some shots of the Gang Green project below or visit them at




21 2011

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