Website Design: Swanky Socials

Molly Shook, owner of Swanky Socials, approached us in early 2010 needing a fresh new look for her already established brand. Swanky Socials, who focuses on stylish event and wedding design/planning, had an attractive logo and colors already in place, but her website didn’t do her work justice. We decided to use Flash to create a soft, classy design with some simple animations that would reflect the work of Swanky Socials and the stylish tastes of Molly. Since the project was completed, Molly has noticed a substantial increase in her business. And while that may not single-handedly have to do with a website, it is no coincidence that a strong web presence has produced more clients. Swanky Socials is living proof of the great truth of our technology-focused society – and that is – websites are inevitably the most important marketing tools for your company’s success. Molly’s work was excellent before her new site was launched; Ingram Image just helped her show it to the world in an attractive manner.


Check out some of Swanky Socials’ great event design below, or go to




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