SPARKS Incorporated Logo + Branding

Ingram Image has worked with clients from all kinds of industries, but our first experience in the power line industry came with SPARKS Incorporated, out of Decatur, Alabama. This one-stop shop for power line services, among other things, is owned by Jaradda Sparks. Jaradda came to us after being impressed with one of our other recent web projects (the Rocket City Titans website), and he needed a strong, professional logo that he could base his brand around, so we did our best to meet his objectives.


First, we wanted to use a masculine, wide font for the name of your organization to convey a strong, foundational, “we-get-the-job-done” message. We still wanted to remain clean on this font though, as Sparks Inc. is a highly-professional corporation.


We wanted to create a slight edginess with another traditionally masculine element with the actual sparks themselves. This obviously plays off of the name “Sparks” well, and it conveys the message of power…making things happen…sparking change and doing the dangerous and dirty work for your clients. Those sparks are glowing as well to give it a very realistic, professional, attractive design element. Jaradda was enthused at the concept, and we are now in the process of creating his web presence. Jaradda has been a great blessing for Ingram Image.

26 2012

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