Website Design and Development + Branding: Safeguard A/C

After realizing a need to prevent copper theft, Brian Valavicius approached Ingram Image to help make his vision of Safeguard A/C a reality. From our initial conversations, it was evident that this business was going to be a success. However, proper execution of his vision was paramount in establishing credibility with his target clientele.


In order to accomplish Brian’s goals of creating a memorable, masculine brand, we began designing a logo that would convey the sense of security and protection that Safeguard A/C’s products would provide. The result was fabulous, and Brian was extremely pleased. From there, we then took the selling points of Brian’s product and his business, and created a beautiful web concept around those key marketing goals. One challenge in doing so involved bringing excitement, simplicity, personability and curiosity to his product, which wouldn’t necessarily exude those qualities. To accomplish this goal, we went big, bold and colorful with the branding, and communicated the business’s purpose and products immediately on the home page.


In addition to creating a beautiful concept, we were able to allow Safeguard A/C to connect with their target audience quickly and simply through a customized blog. Brian and his team are able to manage not only their blog, but their entire website’s content through WordPress Content Management System. This saves them time and money while maintaining their web presence. We were also able to integrate an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) solution to assist with Safeguard’s visibility in search engines.


Lastly, Safeguard A/C’s vision involved integrating a customized transaction solution that would allow clients to purchase the security cages online. Not only were we able to meet this need, we were also able to integrate this into the content management system, in order to allow Safeguard A/C’s team to manage this store. Even more importantly, this transaction solution is completely secure, and was covered by an SSL Certificate that gives customers 100% confidence in making a transaction on the Safeguard A/C website.


We were completely pleased with the result, and so was Brian. Take a look at and please contact Ingram Image with any questions or for more information on web design and development.


19 2011

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