Website Design & Branding: Rob Ingram Weddings

There are few other projects for which Ingram Image is prouder than Rob Ingram Weddings. Not only did we have a hand in designing the original Rob Ingram Photography logo, we were able to create an entire brand from scratch with Rob Ingram Weddings. I can say that it is a blessing to be the brother of such a talented photographer, and it meant a lot to me that he trusted me with his brand. He came to the drawing board with a great vision for what he wanted – a classy vintage brand with emphasis on snapshots of a bride’s engagement and wedding day experience with Rob Ingram Weddings. This would culminate in a seamless showcase that could be viewable on all devices and appeal to an upper-end clientele.


We ended up creating a completely customized vintage look for Rob with neutral, earthy colors that were extensions of Rob’s personality and his photography style. Deep within the designs of Rob Ingram Weddings’ elements are small, abstract snapshots of each bride’s experience, conveying the message that Rob Ingram Weddings essentially is the bride.


Ingram Image is proud of this brand. We created a custom brand, which included a logo, Twitter background, business cards and most importantly, a unique web experience as an extension of that brand. The website provides an effortless experience for visitors to immerse themselves in the photography of Rob Ingram Weddings. By combining large photos with various selections that are meshed with the “vintage” look, we succeeded in designing a great brand for Rob. Best of all, the site can be enjoyed from an iPhone or iPad, and is managed through WordPress.


Rob’s photography is truly exceptional. Check out some of it below and check out and Hopefully you won’t mind the photo of the Ingram guys below. That’s my younger brother, Mack on the left, Rob, myself and my dad, Burr on the right.

21 2011

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