Website Design & Branding: Life’s Journey Church

Pastor Keith Miller came to Ingram Image at the beginning of 2010 with a story about one particular family who had visited Life’s Journey Church in Huntsville, Alabama. He told us that this particular family had moved in from out of town and come across the website for Life’s Journey, and were unimpressed. They decided to visit a service, and had an incredible experience. They later told Keith “your website doesn’t do your church justice…we had an incredible time and will be coming back.”


This kind of story demonstrates the value of having an impressive web presence, and that your website can sometimes be the deal breaker for your organization’s appeal.


We ended up creating a new brand, new logo and a Flash experience that told the story of Life’s Journey in a simple and attractive manner. Keith has since seen a growth in his church and have had numerous compliments from members and visitors on their new website.


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