Website Design & Branding: Ignite Fitness Hoover Fueled by CrossFit

Shane Rodriguez, owner of Ignite Fitness Hoover Fueled by CrossFit, looked to Ingram Image in early 2011 to do a complete overhaul of his web presence, as well as create new marketing materials for his business. After Shane had created his new logo for Ignite Fitness, he met with Ingram Image to strategically lay out his new website to sell CrossFit. One of the main focuses of his campaign was to clearly and effectively communicate to his target audience what exactly Ignite Fitness offered through their CrossFit program. After we established a plan to accomplish those goals, we teamed up with Rob Ingram Photography to provide some great images to design around. Soon after, Ingram Image looked to Todd Helzer to create a top-notch, 2-minute, HD Video documentary/commercial for Shane (see it below).


Another main objective of Ignite Fitness’s site was to create a customized blog that would allow Shane to add media daily for his athletes. Now Shane has a web experience that not only looks outstanding, but it allows him to have complete control over the content through WordPress. It is also nice for all of his clients and prospective clients to be able to access his website and his “workout of the day” on any device now. The future of the web is tied to the emergence of new HTML, CSS and JQuery standards. We wanted to utilize these technologies to deliver maximum accessibility.


We also provided Shane with custom business cards and Twitter Background to complement the rest of his brand. Take a look at some of the content below, including some shots from Rob Ingram Photography and an impressive video from Todd Helzer.


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21 2011

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