Website Design & Development: Highlands College

Ingram Image was honored to have the opportunity to work with the creative team at Church of the Highlands on the Highlands College project. The new brand of Church of the Highlands had made its debut earlier in 2011, and we at Ingram Image were very impressed at the fresh new look. Shortly after, we were approached about designing and developing a microsite for the new Highlands College at Church of the Highlands. Formerly known as HLI, which included 24/7 and 20/20, Highlands College will train, equip, and place world-class leaders into their calling for Christ. This mission is consistent with the mission of Ingram Image, which is to glorify Jesus through service to others, so we were enthused at the opportunity to work with them.


The needs for this website were basic, which were to introduce the new Highlands College brand, as well as provide the necessary information for those interested in applying. We decided to keep it simple in terms of design, while implementing a new web trend by adding CSS stopping points to display the main informational elements on the site. We also developed an extensive online application solution to streamline that process.


This project looks great on all devices, and we are extremely pleased with the outcome.


Take a look at a few of the snapshots below, including one photo from Jason Wallis. Visit for more on Highlands College.

21 2011

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