Visual Identity + Branding + Web Design Splash Page: Rob and Wynter

There’s nothing quite like having your family trust you to make them look good, and we were honored to take on the new brand of “Rob and Wynter” when the two uber-talented photographers combined their efforts to reach a new market in the wedding industry. The two have styles that are similar, but unique. Where we landed with their visual identity and logo stemmed from the idea that their brand needed to reflect Rob’s retro, vintage tastes alongside Wynter’s classic,

14 2014

Branding: Revivify

We received the great pleasure in 2013 to work with Bethany Meadows at Vertical Solutions Media, and to team up with one of her clients to create a visual identity for an over-the-counter product called Revivify. Their goal was to establish an identity that looked as high-end, minimalist and elegant as the top OTC creams and solutions already in the marketplace. Both the client, and Ingram Image were extremely pleased with the final product, as it helped to establish the

14 2014

Ingram Image Visual Identity + Branding: Tie This (Birmingham, AL)

Pastor Wales Williams, Jr. came to us in 2013 needing an identity for his new company “Tie This,” which specializes in custom ties and bow ties. Wales trusted our knowledge and assessment of the fashion industry’s trends and styles, and we combined this with his tastes and visual preferences to establish a timeless mark. We didn’t want it to be too trendy, but definitely wanted a logo that would be relevant in today’s culture…while still remaining classic enough to last

12 2014

Website Design & Development and Branding: Windwood Equestrian (Birmingham, Alabama)

Ingram Image had the opportunity to work with Windwood Equestrian and Windwood Weddings in early 2013 to take their web presence to another level. We integrated a WordPress Content Management System (CMS) with their website to give them complete control over all of its content, and we were very pleased with the experience on the desktop and mobile devices. Check out their website experience at www.windwoodequestrian.

08 2013

Website Design & Development and Branding: MOTION Students

In the summer of 2012, the Church of the Highlands students staff came to us with the task of helping them evolve their brand through a new, dynamic web presence that launched their new MOTION Students initiative. This new MOTION Students strategy revolved around three aspects of the ministry – MOTION Conference, MOTION Nights and MOTION Network, all of which are integral parts of equipping students to live out their faith in a practical way. It was an honor to

08 2012

Brand Design & Development: Winter Park Chocolate

Joe Mazza approached us in the spring of 2012 with his growing chocolate business, and needed a visual identity to communicate their core message – that Winter Park Chocolate offers “hand-dipped” chocolate, fresh from the kettles that spin at their store to keep the chocolate at a perfect temperature. And after grasping what made this local chocolate business unique, we tailored a logo and visual identity that communicated a thick, warm and appetizing message. We wanted the main font to

07 2012

Website Design & Development: Christopher Confero Event Design

We had the privilege of working with Christopher Confero three years ago, when we created a “clean, simple and chic” Flash web showcase for his developing business. But with the evolution of technology, and the maturity of his business, Christopher wanted to replicate, update and recreate that experience through an HTML-based website that could be viewed on all devices (i.e. iPad, iPhone), while combining his blog and website into one experience. He also wanted to implement deeper integration of social

28 2012

Logo Design & Branding: Brooke + Lance – The Ingram Wedding

This project is unlike any other that Ingram Image has worked on, and because it’s such a personal project, I’ve done pretty much all of it myself, with the help of my future wife – Brooke Gilleo, and my amazing photographer/brother Rob Ingram. Because of how amazing of a woman my fiance is, and because of how much she has sacrificed for me and put up with me over the past 3 years, I wanted this “brand” or “look” to

25 2012

Web Design & Development & Branding: Mia Storia

We were so excited in January of 2012 when Winslow Armstead and Auston Bennett approached us about developing a web portfolio for the new business, Mia Storia. These guys have a heart for the Lord, for ministry, and for blessing future generations with family stories, testimonies and wisdom – all through high definition, documentary-style video production. Winslow and Auston’s process provides clients with a disc of extensive chapters of content that tell each family’s unique story, and they deliver this

11 2012

Logo Design & Branding: Coach Garrick McGee

New UAB Football Head Coach and former Arkansas Offensive Coordinator Garrick McGee came to Ingram Image in the Spring of 2012 with a need for a logo to base his brand around as he begins his Division I NCAA Football head coaching career. Not only was it important to create an catchy symbol to communicate his football roots, but we wanted it to be edgy, masculine, confident, and polished enough to appeal to not only young recruits but also to

16 2012